Nicotine Free Week Activities

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Activities For Middle/High School Age

Anti-tobacco marketing videos: Use these counter marketing videos to show your students the reality of smoking and the dangers of tobacco. Click here to find a list of suggested videos.

Big Bucks: A pack-a-day ($8) smoker will spend $2,920 on cigarettes each year. For that much you could buy eight game consoles or 12 smartphones. Figure out what else you could buy instead of wasting money on cigarettes.

CSI Tobacco: Draw chalk outlines of bodies on the sidewalk and write the cause of death in the outline, such as “I died of lung cancer from smoking” or “Smoking gave me emphysema and I suffocated” or “I got a heart attack from cigarettes.”

Day of the Dead: One day, have all the people in your group wear black and color their faces white to represent death from smoking. You can pin messages on your clothing, such as “I’m one out of three smokers who will die from smoking” or “You lose seven minutes of life each time you smoke” or “Smoking pollutes your body and the environment.”

Expert Testimony: Invite a guest speaker, former smoker or even a cancer patient to tell your group why smoking stinks. For a medical speaker, call Joanne Ebner at Anne Arundel Medical Center, 443-481-5366.

Hashtag Smoking Stinks: Have students use social media to spread the word – they are the generation that can end smoking! Students can join the movement started by the Truth Campaign by posting an anti-tobacco status with the hashtag #FinishIt

In Memory: Remember people, such as grandparents, who died from tobacco-related diseases. Or click here to find famous people who died of smoking. Make a photo display of cancer victims.

Kahoots: Create an interactive tobacco education game that students can participate in from their phone or a computer. Go to to get started.

Letter Writing Campaign: Hold a campaign in which students write letters to friends or family members who smoke, or write a letter to a loved-one thanking them for not smoking.

Pick-Up Butts: Organize a Pick-Up Butts day to reduce litter in your community. Cigarette butts are the number one cause of litter in the world. Make sure to get permission of the owners of your desired location first and take plenty of pictures to share with us!

Seven Minutes Lost: Each time smokers light up, they shorten their lives, on average, by seven minutes. How many minutes of life does a pack-a-day smoker lose each day; in a week; in a year? Have the kids in your group do the frightening math.

Share a Story Not a Smoke: Incorporate an activity in to your language arts or English classes by having students creatively express why they’re tobacco-free. Essays, poems and short stories are examples.

Smoke-Free Spirit Day: Ask everyone in your school to wear your school colors on a certain day to show your support for not smoking.

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