Nicotine Free Week Activities

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Activities For Elementary Age

Get Busy: Challenge your group to fun activities such as a word searchSudoku puzzles easy or medium, and coloring sheets.

A-Z: Challenge your group to make anti-tobacco statements through the alphabet. The first person could say: “A healthy person doesn’t smoke,” the next person could say: “Be smart, don’t smoke,” and so on. See how far they can go.

Chalk Talk: Allow students to be an active part of tobacco-free promotion. Chalk the sidewalks around your school with anti-tobacco messages.

Breathless: Give kids straws and tell them to breathe through the straws. Then have them remove the straws and lead them in activities such as jumping jacks or running in place. Have them try breathing through the straws again. Explain that smoking damages your lungs; therefore, a smoker’s breathing can be like breathing through a straw after physical activity.

Grow Up Smoke-Free: Have your group plant flower seeds in plastic cups or cans. Decorate the planters with labels saying something like “Grow up strong without cigarettes” or “Life smells better without tobacco.”

Healthy Hearts: Use the Valentine’s Day holiday to promote a tobacco-free lifestyle. Kids can write Valentines for classmates or loved ones asking them to keep their hearts healthy by not smoking.

Make a Tar Jar or Butt Jar: Experience the “yucky” side of smoking.

  • The Tar Jar represents the amount of tar (1 quart) that smoking a pack of cigarettes per day for one year puts into a smoker’s lungs. Tar Jar Materials: 1 quart dark molasses, dirty motor oil or cooking oil mixed with dark dirt.
  • The Butt Jar makes a powerful stench that kids can sniff. Fill jar with cigarette butts and add water. The longer it sits, the worse it smells!

My Top Five: Have students trace their hands and cut them out. Include on each finger a reason why you’re tobacco-free. Examples: my family, friends, sports, etc.

Quiz Whiz: Hold a smoking trivia contest or quiz show. Test your group on what they know about the dangers of tobacco. See the Fast Facts page for information to help you write questions, or use the Quiz.

Slogan Contest: Give prizes for the best slogans about why smoking stinks.

School Mural: Have students create anti-tobacco murals and hang them in the hallways.

More Activity Ideas
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